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Lifetime Warranty & Maintenance Free! Granite Countertops By Granite Shield
Care & Use - The Granite Shield Process

With Granite Shield's permanent lifetime warranty & maintenance free sealed granite you don't need special cleaners to clean and maintain your granite. You can even use an over the counter window cleaner with ammonia. Granite Shield recommends Original Windex with ammonia, regular Clorox bleach or a 50/50 solution of denatured alcohol and water on polished granite sealed by Granite Shield to clean the granite and a clean microfiber towel. If you are only interested in a stain free countertop it is suggested on polished granite to only use Windex with ammonia as a daily cleaner. If you are interested in the shiniest granite possible it is suggested to use Windex with ammonia as a daily cleaner and occasionally Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine. You don't have to worry about cleaning the spill immediately, but it is recommended within 24 hours of the spill. Oils or grease it is recommended within 24 hours. Leaving oils or grease long term on the surface can eventually embed into your granite. For those that cook with oils and grease it is suggested within 24 hours to use Windex with ammonia in areas oil and grease has splattered or spilled including between granite edge and stove. A don't is not to use dishwater after washing dishes to clean your countertop. Cleaning a countertop with dishwater that dirty dishes were in embeds dirt, oils and grease into the granite. Unfortunately recently many over the counter granite cleaners contain mineral oil, using cleaners that contain mineral oil can actually change the color of your granite no matter what sealer you use. It's basically rubbing oils into your granite. If you have a light colored granite it could change the color of your granite to an orange colored granite in areas you clean your granite.

We don't recommend using a cleaner that has
polishes or waxes because it will only build up on your granite leaving a waxy, dull, smeary build up. Should that occur with granite sealed by Granite Shield you can just go down to the local hardware store and buy denatured alcohol and it should remove the residue then apply Kleen N Shine and your granite will look shiny, repellent and brand new again. Granite Shield is maintenance free meaning it never needs to be sealed again but like all surfaces in will get dirty and will need to be cleaned. It can get hardwater deposits on the surface that can be easily cleaned with Granite Shield's Silicabright. Silicabright can remove the hardwater deposits and roughness around the faucet area that has dried on the surface.

With granite by Granite Shield Countertops or granite sealed by Granite Shield you don't have to worry about rushing to wipe up spills, worry about acidic liquids, alcohol, using coasters or placemats ever again. With granite sealed permanently by Granite Shield we mean it's permanently sealed, NEVER HAS TO BE SEALED AGAIN, has a LIFETIME WARRANTY, not a limited warranty limiting you to use special cleaners and follow special maintenance procedures like other companies. However Granite Shield does carry a line of aftercare products for customers who want to purchase cleaners and germ fighters that are created and developed by Granite Shield's CEO/President Craig Phillips, Debbie Burton-Phillips Vice President and Granite Shield's chemists.
Granite Shield's recommended cleaning procedures.

Debbie Burton-Phillips takes an active role in the developing and testing of the Granite Shield process and aftercare products and if it doesn't pass her test then it is not sold or recommended to the public. Debbie felt the need in 2005 to expand Granite Shield's aftercare product line because of her own experiences and homeowners have been expressing they don't like what is available on the market to clean and maintain granite, other natural stones, glass and stainless steel. Debbie's background includes being a quality control inspector for Steelcase an office manufacturer for 11 years and a realtor for 11 years having sold over 100 homes from 1998 to 2003.
About The Granite Shield Process:

Craig Phillips is the creator of the Granite Shield permanent granite lifetime sealing process. Granite Shield was started and developed in 2002. Craig's background includes owning a custom shutter business for approximately 15 years and was a kitchen designer for Home Base and Home Depot for approximately 9 years. Having sold granite and engineered stone countertops for many years Craig noticed the main reason why the public does not choose granite for their countertop needs has been because of the high expense, maintenance and staining issues.

Craig developed back in 2002 the permanent sealing process for granite using different catalyzing polymers. Depending if the granite is considered light, medium or dark, each type of stone takes a different application process and then is capped with catalyzing polymers with a permanent carbon crystal sealant which then locks the catalyzing polymer into the stone. The carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with the granite which can not be removed thus creating a lifetime seal plus leaving your granite smoother, shinier and maintenance free and still able to breathe! The Granite Shield process contains no plastic or silicone and will not scratch or yellow. Granite Shield is the first and only to have this process, don't be fooled by imitators even if it's a well known company! If it doesn't say Granite Shield, it's not permanently shielded with a no lifetime warranty like Granite Shield. Granite Shield is a proud member of the Marble Institute of America.

Granite Shield is easy to apply to a new or existing granite countertop. No special granite slabs need to be purchased. Your granite fabricator can still purchase your granite slab where he normally purchases his slabs or the slab yard of your choice. The Granite Shield process only requires one applicator to apply the process on an average sized countertop that takes 1 to 2 hours and is ready to use immediately after application. Most of the steps can even be done at the fabrication shop.

Many of the Home Depot kitchen designers have and do recommend Granite Shield since 2003. Even the West Coast Vice President of The Home Depot has had his home sealed by Granite Shield approximately May 2005 and recommends Granite Shield.
The Test:

The best way to test if your granite or the granite you are considering to buy is porous and will stain is to pour water or a liquid on it. If the granite darkens, it's absorbing the liquid and will stain. Then try that test on granite that has been sealed with Granite Shield. The water or liquid just beads and doesn't absorb into the granite.

Now go to a dry granite countertop that has not been sealed with Granite Shield. Take a microfiber towel and slide it against the granite countertop. Feel and see how it sticks to the granite. Do the same with a granite countertop sealed with Granite Shield and see and feel how it just slides against the granite.

Take a drinking glass and slide it against a granite countertop that has not been sealed with Granite Shield. Do the same with a granite countertop sealed with Granite Shield and see and feel the difference. Be careful sliding that drinking glass because it will slide so easily and fall off the granite countertop!
Compare Granite Shield Countertops or granite sealed by Granite Shield
to the following which the 5 below still say to clean up spills immediately:

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Click here for more Granite Shield video demonstrations of the sealing process
Care & Use - The GS Process
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Red Wine Spill on Granite Countertop for 24 Hours Video Demonstration